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Nonstick Fillde Cookie Pan

Nonstick Fillde Cookie Pan

Nonstick, durable and easy to clean!
Makes cookies: 2.25" diameter about .5" deep.
Center well is created for you when you bake the flip the cookies right side up! Perfect for all kinds of mini bites, savory or sweet!
Use with your own recipes or pre-made cake, muffin and brownie mixes. Try a variety of combinations. Let your imagination go!
Try thumb print cookies, Parmesan cups filled with crab and cream cheese, brownie bites, cookies filled with ice cream, pancake bites filled with blueberries and cream, cornbread topped with chili and sour cream.
  • Details

    Measures: 17.125" x 11.125" x .5" / 43.5cm x 28.25cm x 1.25cm
    Brand Norpro
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