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Baking Techniques

Baking can be a very versatile endeavor and many bakers who are just getting started have questions about phrases commonly used in recipes, even if you’re familiar with common baking methods, it can be helpful to know why these techniques are important when you are making any recipe. Here you will find the essential information you need to master the important tips to achieve the best baked recipes.

Baking is a science, it sounds easy, just like if multiple ingredients get mixed together, heat is (usually) applied and a few chemical reactions later you have something truly delicious to eat.– as long as you did everything right.
How Baking Works is all about the process, the function of every type of baking ingredient and the role it plays in the chemistry of baking. Here
Chefs 2b gather some videos where you will be able to get a professional glaze of the most important cake mixing methods, and how each of them affect your final result in any tasty recipe you make.

Have you ever made a loaf of yeast bread or some yeast rolls? If not, take a little time to glaze around this video series all about Bread 101 and try it.


Chefs 2b will help you better understand how the process of bread making works and this will help you boosts your baker's self-confidence more after pulling a fragrant loaf of fresh bread out of your oven.

In this section you will learn how to make flaky, sweet and cookie doughs, which are the primary pastry dough types, as well as how to make other savory essential doughs to become a Chefs 2b baker, just check some of the techniques we manage to put together in this video series from the best Chefs, in different parts of the world.

Understand why things turn out a certain way, and be able to create your own pastry recipes in the future holds the fundamental basics to success in the kitchen mastering breads, tarts, cakes and pies for your own delight.


If you’re making a baked pie crust, a one-crust or two-crust pie or tart, what you need to know can be found in this section.


What is the perfect pie crust?  Golden brown top and bottom; flaky, tender, and flavorful. Struggling to make the perfect pie crust? Is your crust tough, stiff, burned, or soft on the bottom?.  If you like check the different videos Chefs 2b have gathered together to help you master these eye-opening techniques and enjoy a breathtaking dessert with your loved ones.

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